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October 17,   2011  - ITFC on BBC Science in ActionExcerpts of interviews with Robert, Miriam, Douglas and a local farmer named Benson have been aired by BBC World Service’s Science in Action program. The program is available for the next 30 days as a podcast at the BBC web site here (

October 06, 2011  - New Census for Bwindi Gorillas
The Observer

September  2011  - Ecological Monitoring at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to Reveal the Costs of Climatic Change
ARCOS Newsletter

August 2011  - Camera-Trap Pictures: Mammals—And a Poacher—Exposed
National Geographic

August 2011  - Community structure and diversity of tropical forest mammals: data from a global camera trap network 
Conservation International - Publications

August 2011  - Camera traps reveal most candid rare moments for mammala mammal 
IB Times

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