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MacArthur Foundation grant 2009-2011

Sustaining and Strengthening Conservation Capacity by Anticipating and Preparing for Change in the Greater Virunga Landscape

ITFC began this 3-year program in January 2009. The grant has allowed the institute to maintain and expand its research and partnerships, while maintaining a strong relationship with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and other local stakeholders.

Our objectives were to:

The ecology and life history of Stripe-Breasted Tits

Nestbox 21.jpgDr Phil Shaw* (University of St. Andrews), Prof Derek Pomeroy (Makerere University), Jane Yatuha (MSc student 2003-4), David Ebbutt (2004). Field support staff: Narsensius Owoyesigire and Savio Ngabirano (ITFC)

Funding sources: WCS, British Ornithologists’ Union, African Bird Club Conservation Fund

Rare Finch Conservation Group

Rare finch logo.JPG"Searching for Shelley’s Crimsonwing finches amongst Africa’s Mountain Gorillas"

The Shelley’s Crimsonwing (Cryospiza shelleyi) is one of the rarest finches in Africa  that are found in this  dense Albertine Rift highland forest. The forest is also famous for gorillla tracking in Uganda.

Monitoring vegetation changes at high altitudes

Under the auspices of Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA), ITFC has established high altitude plots to monitor vegetation changes on selected summits of Mountain Elgon and Rwenzori (famously known as the Mountains of the Moon). GLORIA seeks to establish a long-term observation network to obtain standardized data on alpine biodiversity and vegetation patterns on a global scale. Its purpose is to assess risks of biodiversity losses and the vulnerability of high mountain ecosystems under climate change.


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