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Tea plantation

Part of the 24.6ha of ITFC land is a 50m strip of land bordering Bwindi Forest and frequently used by gorillas. Research has recommended planting this 50m strip of land with tea plantation a non-palatable crop against gorillas to prevent them from coming outside of the forest into community lands. MUST, should take advantage of this and hire a private investor through the Public Private Partnerships and PPDA that is interested in planting tea on this land thereby generating income for MUST. There is already interest from several private tea plantations/estates owners willing to do this. The net monthly income from sales of tea is estimated at Uganda shillings 166,000 per acre giving a total of Uganda shillings 13,280,000 for 24.6 hectares of tea per month. Therefore, the expected income from tea project is about USD 45,000 annually.

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