climate change

Monitoring vegetation changes at high altitudes

Under the auspices of Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA), ITFC has established high altitude plots to monitor vegetation changes on selected summits of Mountain Elgon and Rwenzori (famously known as the Mountains of the Moon). GLORIA seeks to establish a long-term observation network to obtain standardized data on alpine biodiversity and vegetation patterns on a global scale. Its purpose is to assess risks of biodiversity losses and the vulnerability of high mountain ecosystems under climate change.

TEAM Climate Monitoring

weather.JPG In order to better understand the impact of climate change (variability)  and interpret the changes in behavioural ecology of the plant and animal species, relevant accurate baseline data needs to be available.


In 2011, ITFC established a new monitoring activity, funded by a Climate Change grant fromthe MacArthur Foundation, through WCS. This type of study –called phenology –assesses variation in the timing of the events in a plant’s life cycle i.e. seasonal changes in leaf bearing and shedding, flowering and seed production.

Why a phenology study in Bwindi?

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