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Aleper Daniel Knox

"It is long since I was in Bwindi last, I hope to return there again one day. I got diverted from small mammals from the forest to those from savannah and am now studying elephants, trees and bush fire in North-Eastern Uganda.

What I did in Bwindi at ITFC is the marking/tagging at 100m interval of the trail from Ruhija, starting below the  ITFC Director's house (1992) across the forest through Mubwindi swamp to Nteko, then to Buhoma.             

I recall a day I was alone in the forest and ran into 'wild' Mountain Gorillas! But I survived to tell the story. One day (independence day as I remember) I got lost in the forest at the bamboo zone!. When I got back at around 21.00 hours, the Director blamed me for going to the forest on Independence day (a public holiday)! I had wanted to suggest putting trails with tags in the bamboo zone too, but the comment from the Director discouraged me! I fear getting lost there again."

Aleper Daniel Knox is a Research Fellow with Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management,  Norway