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Over time, our work has been featured and mentioned in the mainstream media all over the world. This really excites us and encourages to keep doing the work of conservation. We didn't list everything but we tried to get some links to such features for you to easily follow and read through.
- Camera-Trap Pictures: Mammals—And a Poacher—Exposed

The first global camera-trap mammal study has imaged apes, jaguars, and other mammals—including a seemingly camera-shy poacher.

- Community structure and diversity of tropical forest mammals: data from a global camera trap network

The first global camera trap mammal study has documented 105 species in nearly 52,000 images, from seven protected areas across the Americas, Africa and Asia. The photographs reveal an amazing variety of animals in their most candid moments — from a minute mouse to the enormous African elephant, plus gorillas, cougars, giant anteaters and – surprisingly – even tourists and poachers