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As part of ITFC's work, we have many various projects. These projects can be grouped into 3 categories. Research and Monitoring projects, Income generating projects and Research supervision and support projects.

  • Research and Monitoring projects - which take places in our various areas of work and are carried out by ITFC and partners.
  • Income-generating projects - which are set up by ITFC for the purpose of creating a sustainable income stream to carry out long term projects and development for the Institute.
  • Research Supervision and Support projects - where ITFC helps researchers in various capacities, to complete there study requirements.

Use the tabs below to sort the projects by the category. This can help you to easily navigate to the kind of projects you are interested in. 

Pro-poor tourism development project

A three year project that started in April 2016 on Local economic development through “pro-poor” gorilla tourism approach in Uganda funded by Darwin initiative through IIED with a grant of GBP 59,856  at ITFC  is to be completed in 2019.

Assessment and Evaluation of BMCT

A project on the Assessment of the impact and relationships of Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area (BMCA) and adjacent local communities project that was funded by the Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust (BMCT) to a tune of UGX 34 million was completed in September 2017. The financial and technical reports were submitted and accepted by BMCT to close down the project in October 2017.

Batwa project

A project on Building Capacity of the Batwa Pygmies for Sustainable Income Generating Enterprises funded by the Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF) through the Kivulini Trust (KT) with 39,000usds was completed in October 2017. This project uses a cultural values approach to empower the marginalized Batwa people in income generating activities.

Problem Animal Mitigation interventions

A project on the assessment of the Effectiveness of Problem Animal Mitigation interventions around Karangara and Bujengwe Parishes, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park funded by BMCT to a tune of 20 million UGX was completed in 2017

Water Quality and Quantity monitoring Project

ITFC completed two projects that were funded by the Greater Virunga Transboundary Core Secretariat (GVTC) on the Water quality and quantity monitoring in and around Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Echuya central forest reserve (funded at USD$ 16,500) and another one on Hydrological Systems Assessment in the Lake Edward Basin of Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (with a fun

Wild Climbers and Food security project

During 2017, ITFC submitted a proposal to Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust that was funded. The project title whose field work was completed is: Forest climbers (lianas/vines) harvest implications on local people’s food security and impacts on the plants’ population dynamics in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, S.W Uganda.