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As part of ITFC's work, we have many various projects. These projects can be grouped into 3 categories. Research and Monitoring projects, Income generating projects and Research supervision and support projects.

  • Research and Monitoring projects - which take places in our various areas of work and are carried out by ITFC and partners.
  • Income-generating projects - which are set up by ITFC for the purpose of creating a sustainable income stream to carry out long term projects and development for the Institute.
  • Research Supervision and Support projects - where ITFC helps researchers in various capacities, to complete there study requirements.

Use the tabs below to sort the projects by the category. This can help you to easily navigate to the kind of projects you are interested in. 

Tea plantation

Part of the 24.6ha of ITFC land is a 50m strip of land bordering Bwindi Forest and frequently used by gorillas. Research has recommended planting this 50m strip of land with tea plantation a non-palatable crop against gorillas to prevent them from coming outside of the forest into community lands. MUST, should take advantage of this and hire a private investor through the Public Private Partnerships and PPDA that is interested in planting tea on this land thereby generating income for MUST.

The Buhoma Forest Gorilla Trekking camp

The Buhoma Forest Gorilla Trekking camp. MUST / ITFC acquired a grant of 1.2 billion UGX from the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) for establishing a tourist camp in Buhoma-Bwindi where ITFC has a 24.6ha piece of land. Construction and building of this Buhoma Forest Gorilla Trekking camp was completed in June 2018. The campsite will be technically supported by ITFC.

The Buhoma community campsite and lodge

The Buhoma community campsite and lodge that has been renting the ITFC land located in Buhoma since 1996. In 2015 and early 2016, MUST top management completed negotiations with the campsite owners and it was agreed that they pay MUST/ITFC an annual ground rent fee of 10 million UGX. A new MoU has been signed between MUST and the community campground owners.

Ethnobotanical garden at Ruhija

MUST through the Private sector foundation and under the AfDB HEIST project got 20.4 million UGX in September 2016 to establish an Ethnobotanical garden at Ruhija for breeding indigenous tree seedlings to sell to local communities and other stakeholders.