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MacArthur Foundation Grant 2009-2011

Sustaining and Strengthening Conservation Capacity by Anticipating and Preparing for Change in the Greater Virunga Landscape

ITFC began this 3-year program in January 2009. The grant has allowed the institute to maintain and expand its research and partnerships, while maintaining a strong relationship with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and other local stakeholders.

Our objectives were to:

  1. Build effective partnerships and alliances to enhance flexible science-based conservation and management in the Albertine Rift.
  2. Maintain, evaluate and improve long term monitoring and evaluation to enhance flexible conservation and management in the Albertine Rift.

  3. Increase preparedness to recognize, mitigate and adapt to climate change and other emerging challenges in the Albertine Rift.

  4. Strengthen capacity and communication for science-based conservation in a changing world.


ITFC invested heavily in education and training:  this grant has supported 9 post-graduate students and 9 volunteers. ITFC’s long term monitoring activities have been reviewed with various recommendations for improved effectiveness either being implemented or under discussion. Monitoring activities and research have focused on various emerging issues. A number of new research partnerships are being developed.  We have increased ITFC’s visibility and received many requests for new collaborations.  We have held 3 annual information sharing workshops (see links on the left) which attracted key stakeholders in terms of both conservation and capacity building.  ITFC continues to work for impacts in terms of conservation and development benefits and to share its work with a global community.

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