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As a post graduate institute only specialized in ecological and sociological around the Albertine Rift ecoregion, one of our biggest challenges is financial sustainability. This is because over time, the various funding partners have shifted their focus and resources to other geographical areas and interests.

The increasing human pressures on natural resources and protected areas prevent an even bigger challenge for conservation - and this further asserts the important role we are called up on to play both on the ecological and sociological front in this bio diversity hotspot of the world.

We are more than committed to take on this ever more important role and working hard towards the better result of the situation. Our willingness is however challenged by financial factors and that greatly limits how we exercise this great commitment to ecological and sociological research in the albertine Rift ecoregion.

It is on this back ground that we encourage you to Donate to ITFC - and help further our work.

Donations to support ITFC can be made directly to us on our (US dollar )account on the following details

The Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation
P.O BOX 44, Kabale - Uganda

Account Number: 024003759601
Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd, Garden City branch

P.O BOX 7131, Kampala
swift code: SBIUGKX

In case you want to donate in another way, you can also contact us through our email( and talk to us to arrange everything properly.