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Our Staff

ITFC has staff with a broad expertise in forest ecology, social science, botany, zoology, resource use and monitoring biodiversity surveys vegetation mapping impact assessments community surveys participatory approaches and conservation planning staff scientists and project staff. ITFC is managed and run by the Director together with a team of project and administrative staff. The staff structure at ITFC is;Director, Deputy director (vacant), Research Professor (Vacant), Head of Scientific Programs, Head of Social Science programs (vacant), Communications officer (vacant), Fundraising/grants officer (vacant), Finance and Administration Manager (vacant), Finance and Administration Officer, Senior Research officers (biological & sociological-vacant), Research officers, Junior Research Officers, Administrative Assistant, Herbarium Technician, Secretary / Receptionist / Librarian

  • And a team of about  26 field assistants,camp-keepers and Security guards  

Our staff are well motivated, committed and passionate about their work in order to realise ITFC's vision and mission.