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Research Opportunities

ITFC welcomes research students, researchers, volunteers and interested visitors, from within and outside of Uganda.  Anyone interested to undertake research projects on the below themes is welcome to contact us and to discuss their ideas. Check our projects page to see which projects have been done or are on going - for more information and guidance.

Our projects are organised in 3 categories (Research & monitoring, Income generating and Research Supervision and Support) and in each category you will find information to help you. In the event of needing further information, you are encouraged to contact us and we shall provide all the help we can.

Themes of interest:

  • Threats to forests and forest biodiversity
  • Forest and wildlife ecology
  • The distribution and status of species of conservation concern
  • Prioritising research needs (demands and unknowns)
  • Attitudes to conservation
  • The costs, benefits and economics of conservation and sustainable use
  • Forest environmental services
  • Climate change, impacts, adaptation and mitigation. 
  • Monitoring carbon.  See also new focus and suggested research topics
  • Local people’s needs
  • Sustainable resource use
  • Education and outreach
  • Monitoring and the effectiveness of conservation and resource management actions

We are particularly interested in proposals and activities which have a strong applied component and can contribute to local and regional capacity and/or conservation outcomes. Note that all research requires clearance from the Ugandan authorities which can take up to 3 months.  We advise those seeking collaboration to contact us in good time for guidance on proposal development.

Our facilities are also available, at a charge, to researchers who have their own funds and research plans and are simply looking for a base.

Proposals to donors:  We welcome to be included in proposals to work with us.  Please consult with us to ensure ITFC's objectives, costs and requirements are reflected in any such proposals.