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Our Projects

ITFC's projects are grouped into 3 categories. Research and Monitoring projects, Income generating projects and Research supervision and support projects. The tabs below group these projects by category for better coherence when you are reading through.

Mountain Gorilla Research

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park contains almost half of the world’s remaining Mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) and research has shown that this population is unique in many aspects of their ecology and behavior. 

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TEAM Network TEAM is a global network of field sites in tropical forests, where climate and biodiversity data have been collected for almost a decade, to monitor long-term trends in tropical ecosystems. Data is being uploaded immediately after being collected in the field, and is thus a basis for an ‘early warning system’ on the status of biodiversity to effectively guide policy and conservation action. Standardized protocols, designed and fine-tuned over time by a group of scientists and collaborators, allow for comparison between all sites. On going
Women In Conservation Project The Involvement of Women in Integrated Conservation and Development (ICD) Policy Implementation and Governance project is another project run by ITFC. Birdlife International and Conservation International funded this project. It is a collaborative project between ITFC and IITR-MUST. The project aims at drawing lessons from tourism revenue sharing at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It began in May 2014 and is to be completed in February 2015. Completed
Human Wildlife Conflict Studies

Wildlife is one of Uganda’s great natural resources. It is the foundation of its nature-based tourism, one of the nation’s main foreign exchange earners. At the same time, however, Uganda’s wildlife is under enormous pressure as a result of a fast growing human population surrounding the remaining wildlife habitats. This leads to conflicts between frontline communities and Protected Areas, their wildlife, and their staff.

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Monitoring Vegetation Changes At High Altitudes

Under the auspices of Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA), ITFC has established high altitude plots to monitor vegetation changes on selected summits of Mountain Elgon and Rwenzori (famously known as the Mountains of the Moon). GLORIA seeks to establish a long-term observation network to obtain standardized data on alpine biodiversity and vegetation patterns on a global scale. Its purpose is to assess risks of biodiversity losses and the vulnerability of high mountain ecosystems under climate change.

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Rare Finch Conservation Group The Rare Finch Conservation Group (RFCG), a non-profit organisation of enthusiastic birders based in South Africa, made Shelley's Crimsonwing a focus of attention for fundraising. The primary goal of the initial project is to successfully net, photograph and conduct a population census of Shelley’s Crimsonwing finches. Completed
The Ecology And Life History Of Stripe-Breasted Tits Much of our understanding of evolution comes from the study of life-history theory – how animals invest differently in each stage of their life cycle, so as to maximise their lifetime reproductive output. Many songbird species in Europe and North America achieve this by rearing one or a few large broods in the course of their relatively short lifespan On going
MacArthur Foundation Grant 2009-2011 ITFC began this 3-year program in January 2009. The grant has allowed the institute to maintain and expand its research and partnerships, while maintaining a strong relationship with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and other local stakeholders. Completed